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Steps in Restoring Flood Damage

9/27/2017 (Permalink)

Steps in Restoring Flood Damage

Water damage is quite common, so it’s important to know what to do if it ever happens to you. Supply line breaks and pipe breaks affect everyone at some time or another. You’ll be prepared in advance and be able to mitigate the damage and start the restoration process on the right foot if there is water in your home or water in your business.

If you have a flooded home, the first step is to try to stop the flow of water. This means that if the flood originates from a broken appliance, such as a sink or toilet, you should shut off the water valve in that appliance. If necessary, you can shut off the main water valve to your home. If it’s coming from a leak, such as if there is a pipe break of a supply line break, try sealing off the leak. Stopping the water is important before starting the water cleanup and drying process.

Before entering your flooded home, it’s important to close your electric circuits. This is because water that is exposed to electricity can become dangerous and you don’t want to touch it. In addition, watch out for any reptiles in the water.

Your next step is to call a professional restoration company. A water cleanup company will be able to quickly stop any further damage and clean up your flooded home until it’s back to the way it was before the water damage. If there is a supply line break or a pipe break that you can't fix yourself, they will be able to do it for you. Try to call them as soon as you can, because time is of the essence when it comes to the mitigation, drying, and restoration process after water damage occurs. The more your flooded home is left unattended, the greater the risk of flood damage, appliances getting water damaged, and mold and mildew developing. It just gets harder to start the restoration process. In addition, the longer you wait, the greater the chance of the water becoming contaminated.

Another reason why calling a professional restoration company when there is water in your home or water in your business is necessary is because you can’t really clean up water damage and do all the drying by yourself. You may be able to clean up the surface water, but the water in your home or the water in your business will seep into your walls and furniture, and this moisture is hard to clean up. In addition, water can get into your vents and your HVAC system. There are usually pockets of moisture hidden in corners, under tiles, and in various areas of your home or business. Only a professional mitigation company has the tools, expertise, and experience that’s needed in order to do the mitigation process the right way. This part of the water cleanup process can not be done by yourself. If there is a supply line break or a pipe break, you probably won't be able to fix it by yourself either.

In addition, you don’t know which kinds of furniture and items can be salvaged and which are better thrown out. A professional mitigation company has the experience to know what you can clean up and what you’re better off replacing now instead of facing problems with in the future. Some parts of your home may be better off replaced now. A restoration company will be able to help you put in new drywood panels if needed.

What can you expect from a water restoration company? First, they will conduct an inspection to discover the levels of water in your business or the levels of water in your home, and also the extent of the flood damage. They will see what can be salvaged, how seriously damaged your home is, and what needs to be done to start the water cleanup process. They will also take steps to mitigate any further flood damage. Next, they will start the water extraction process and will start getting your home clean of any water. Their next step will be completely drying out your home by removing any excess moisture and pockets of moisture hidden in your home or absorbed in your walls or furniture. Next, they will do another assessment of your home. This is just to make sure that they did not miss anything and to see how to start restoring your home back to normal. Finally, the restoration process will begin, and they will repair any structural flood damage that was done to your home.
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Fire Damage for Home and Business

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Fire Damage for Home and Business

Dealing with a significant amount of fire damage in the home or business can be problematic. There are many individuals who have recently dealt with commercial fire damage and are finding it difficult to get fire restoration done on their own. After all, after the firefighters have left with their fire trucks and fire hoses, you are left to do the fire restoration on your own. If you do not have the proper fire sprinkler systems put into place, fire suppression can be an issue and this is why you may have a lot more cleanup to do than usual.

Even if the fire damage and Commercial fire damage is quite significant, it is imperative that you hire a fire restoration service to come to your home and get the work done for you. One of the main reasons for this is due to the fact that it can be an issue to get it done all on your own. The expert commercial fire damage professionals take care of the smoke damage and soot damage for you. The smoke damage when it comes to fire damage can be incredibly problematic, and this is why it is imperative that you make the choice to work on this for yourself.

Another wonderful benefit hiring a fire restoration company who's that they come to your house and can install a fire sprinkler system and fire suppression system into the house as well. This is also ideal for business owners who have recently dealt with some type of fire damage or commercial fire damage. The fire might have been the result of an electrical fire or utility room fire, and after the firefighters leave with their fire trucks and fire hoses, it is imperative that you begin to get the smoke damage cleared as soon as possible.

The experts can also install a fire sprinkler system and fire suppression system into your home after an electrical fire or utility room fire. Soot damage and smoke damage me to be handled by a professional because of how much work goes into resolving this issue. It is also nice to know that you can have a fire sprinkler system and fire suppression system put into place when it is most convenient for you. This is an option that you will find to be incredibly beneficial in more ways than just one, especially after dealing with firefighters and their fire trucks and fire hoses.

After the firefighters have left with their fire hoses and fire trucks, it is imperative that you begin to get the work done to clear the damage left by an electrical fire or utility room fire. This is incredibly beneficial for you because of the fact that it helps you to feel confident in the work that is being done, especially when you consider how much soot damage is left behind. The electrical fire and utility room fire can leave behind a lot of soot damage that is difficult to take care of on your own.

There are so many different options available to you when it comes to getting the most out of your clean up crew. Because there are so many professionals out there who will be more than willing to help you out, it is imperative that you work with them after dealing with a fire. This prevents you from having to handle the loss on your own, and you will also be amazed at how quick the work gets done. If you have some type of insurance on your home, you may even find that the cleanup is totally covered so that you do not have to worry about paying for the charges yourself. This is going to be a great way for you to save money and understand that this is something that is going to be beneficial in more ways than just one, so be sure to contact a local company so that they can come to your home or business and begin the work.
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Different Types of Storm Damage

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Different Types of Storm Damage

Even those who watch The Weather Channel and keep an eye on the weather report may face some unexpected wind damage, hail damage and roof damage after a storm. Whether it's a storm that happens in the middle of the summer or the winter, the owner of a commercial business will need to deal with issues ranging from flood water on the first floor and ground water around the foundation to a roof leak and an ice dam on the gutters. Storm damage restoration experts can bring in a flood pump and help with water restoration.

Type of Damage

Looking at the type of damage is the first step in the process that professionals use when doing storm remediation. The type of repairs needed will vary based on whether the business suffers from river flooding, flooding caused by a backed up sewer, hurricane damage that caused a roof leak or hail damage that left holes in the siding on the building. Wind damage and storm damage can also cause significant roof damage that makes minor leaks worse.

Winter Damage

While summer can cause hurricane damage and hail damage from the storms passing through, winter can bring ice dams, frozen pipes and ice damming that all cause roof damage. Ice damming is a dam or channel that forms on the side of a building. The ice dam visible from the street will usually hang from the gutters or from the roof. Ice damage can occur because more water drips down and freezes on that ice dam. It's also possible for some buildings to develop ice damming problems because of ground water or flood water freezing to the sides of the building.

Before installing a new water heater, homeowners will usually look at how quickly it can bring water up to temperature, which depends on the temperature of the ground water. Ground water can cause a variety of different problems that relate to river flooding and other types of flooding as well as frozen pipes. Frozen pipes can happen anytime that the water runs cold. Once frozen pipes freeze solid, there is a risk of the pipes bursting and flooding the building, which will require storm remediation. The ice can eventually melt and become flood water too.

River Flooding

River flooding is one of the few types of storm damage that requires storm restoration that can occur at any point in the year. Ice damming in the cooler months allows frozen water to spill over and reach neighboring homes. That cold water can worsen any ice damage that homeowners already see. The cold flood water can lead to more ice damming on the sides of the home and will require the use of a flood pump to get rid of it. A flood pump may be a necessary tool when doing a roof repair too. Hurricane damage often works in combination with flooding.

Professional Home Restoration Roof Repair Help

A roof leak is a serious problem that can occur because of ice damage, wind damage, hail damage or any type of roof damage. It may require a total home restoration or some water restoration help because of the water that gets inside. A roof leak that occurs because of hurricane damage or storm damage can grow larger because of any wind damage that the building experiences later. If the roof leak causes flooding, building owners can hire a storm restoration company to do a roof repair on that leak, take care of any ice damage seen and use water restoration and home restoration methods to treat the inside of the building. These are just a few of the things that a company can do when helping with storm remediation.

Some of the top reasons to call a storm restoration company is for help with:

-water restoration caused by river flooding or plumbing flooding
-roof damage, including a roof leak or a roof repair
-flood water building up in a basement
-hurricane damage to a roof
-hail damage to siding
-ice damage to gutters

Professionals can bring a flood pump to help with water restoration, do other types of home restoration and provide total storm remediation. Visit for more information on storm damage.

Recovering From Water Damage Safely

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Recovering From Water Damage Safely

Water damage is devastating. Whether the cause is a pipe break, a supply line break, a completely flooded home due to a weather event, or an appliance or tub overflowing, facing it can be overwhelming. Most people aren’t equipped with the knowledge to handle this situation. When dealing with an issue of water in home or water in business, a restoration company can help owners refurbish their property.

The average restoration company comes out as soon as possible to assess water damage. For critical flood damage, people should look for a restoration company open 24/7. In the meantime, they should take steps for mitigation of the situation until professionals can assess the situation.

The most immediate concern of the restoration company will be identifying and stopping the source of the leak. Causes for a flooded home or business could include a supply line break in a bathroom or kitchen or a general pipe break elsewhere. If the source of the water is a pipe break in the flooded home, the technician will focus on mitigation by closing off the pipe. With standing water in a flooded home or business, the technicians check the level of pollution present. The restoration process for the property, including water cleanup, will vary depending on what level of contaminants are found.

Furniture and any other valuables resting on the floor are placed on blocks. In cases of severe flood damage or a severe supply line break, the furniture is moved out of entirely. This is done for mitigation of damage to the bare floor or carpet. This also helps prevent further damage to the items and increases chances for the restoration of the property. The experts devise a restoration plan addressing the needs of the owner. This differs based on dealing with water in home or water in business. Steps in the restoration process are outlined in the following sections.

Water Extraction

Water cleanup is done for water at home or water in business that can’t drain on its own. For excessive flood damage, some companies offer moving services for client items. The technicians bring in the most effective tools for the water cleanup job. The types of implements used include:

• Infrared Cameras to locate hard to detect water
• Submersible Pumps
• Meters for measuring moisture saturation
• Portable or truck-mounted extraction pumps

Getting Things Dry

Once the cleanup is done for water in home or water in business, the workers inspect the carpet and padding beneath to determine what can be salvaged, then determine the next mitigation steps. From there, the drying process begins. Specialists take into account everything from room measurements to dampness levels in the air bring in the right drying equipment needed to bring building materials to an acceptable level of dryness. Equipment for drying includes:

• Humidifiers
• High-speed air movers

The company may offer services to recover personal and business documents affected by water damage. The business may also be able to recover items such as photographs, credentials, passports, and other objects. This way, personal mementos aren’t lost due to flood damage.

Getting Things Clean Again

After the water cleanup and drying process are done, the restoration company begins cleaning. Any odor is addressed with equipment like air scrubbers and fogging equipment. Various sanitizing treatments are put down. Treatments include:

• Antimicrobial
• Antibacterial
• Disinfectant

Once clean, the next step for owners recovering from water in home or water in business is restoring their property. The restoration company sometimes offers repair services. Others customers choose a different company for rebuilding when the damage is severe from causes like a pipe break or supply line break.

Choosing a professional company to handle water damage can go a long way to making water damage recovery a smoother and less stressful process that gets owners into their home or business at a faster pace.
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What to do in Case of a Fire

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What to do in Case of a Fire

In case of fire damage to a home or business it is always important to contact a professional fire damage restoration service. Many restoration company will be available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Fire in business or fire in home will require fire cleanup from soot damage, smoke damage, and smoke smell. Cleaning chrome faucets, towel racks, and other household accessories can be done using detergent and a coat of oil or Vaseline for protection. It is important to board up any windows, walls, and roof areas that are damaged from a fire. Commercial fire damage is taken care of quickly. Any freezers or refrigerators can be emptied and propped open (as long as the electricity has been turned off) in order to circulate the air.

The steps taken to ensure the best possible outcome to fire damage will start with an emergency contact. This will be whatever professional restoration company chosen for the fire cleanup. Once an appointment has been made, whether it is fire in business or fire in home, a technician will assess the smoke damage, soot damage, smoke smell, and any repairs that need to be done to the property. A plan to board up any holes in the structure and other fire damage restoration is made by technicians who have plenty of knowledge and experience in the area of fore or water damage. Security of the premises after a large fire can be crucial, especially when it comes to commercial fire damage. There may be expensive equipment or other important items to secure. Any loose particles of smoke left behind on upholstery, carpeting, and draperies can be blown off or a brush-vacuum can be used. Opening windows for ventilation is a great idea, as long as the weather permits.

In the case of fire damage, many times there is also water damage done to the property. A restoration company will remove any standing water first, before drying the floors, walls, and furniture with a dehumidifier and fans. When there is a fire in home or fire in business the smoke damage, soot damage, and smoke smell left over from the flames is all taken care of by the fire damage restoration professionals. They have specific equipment and specialized techniques they use for fire cleanup. An assessment of the property will require them to board up any areas of the home that is left open to the elements. Commercial fire damage will be handled in a similar fashion. If the weather is below freezing it may be important to pour antifreeze in the toilet bowl and tank, also the shower drains and sink to avoid freezing. A plumber can drain and blow out the water lines, if necessary, during the winter months. Heavy fire residue is a reason to remove any pets from the property and remain elsewhere, until the property is safe to live. Sending a number of items to be professionally cleaned and deodorized can determine whether or not other items of the house can also be salvaged.

Fire in home and fire in business require cleaning and sanitizing of any items that were salvageable from the fire damage done to the property. Commercial fire damage will benefit from the use of a professional restoration company to assess and restore the property to its original condition. There are unique steps taken to remove smoke damage, soot damage, and smoke smell from any property that has been in a fire. Fire damage restoration that requires a professional to board up any areas with holes will be repaired in a timely manner. Fire cleanup can be cumbersome and can even make the situation worse, when professionals are not used to simplify the outcome.
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Eradicating Mold Growth in the Home

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Eradicating Mold Growth in the Home

As home and business owners, the livability and workability of these structures can be affected and altered in damaging and often unexpected ways. One of the most common ways in which our most intimate structures can be affected is when mold is found to exist in the home. Mold damage is very common, but it can be so problematic because of the areas that it can affect, and the rate in which the fungus and mildew can increase. Mold damage can occur in any area where moisture is allowed to accumulate unchecked. Mold in the home can often come in the forms of fungus, mildew, and black mold. If there is a fungus, mildew, or black mold buildup, commercial mold damage treatment should be sought out, as disturbing these spores can result in increased damage throughout the facility, lessening the chances for damage mitigation. When dealing with mold damage, specifically black mold, fungus, and mildew, the first step to take is to contact your insurance company.

When contacting your insurance company in regards to mold removal and remediation, it is important to detail the specific circumstances of the incident that you are facing. When detailing the incident, issues such as black mold, the level of mold growth, mold damage, smelly odor, dry rot, and suspected mold growth behind a wall, should all be listed in order to slow down the damaging aspects and increase the chances for mitigation. In the mold removal and remediation process, after the insurance company has been contacted, you should seek a restoration company that can possibly assess and remedy your needs. The insurance company should be able to recommend a restoration company that can take care of your situation, but individual research should always be done when assessing commercial mold damage, as each restoration company may be better equipped to handle a specific set of circumstances. When dealing with mold damage, mold removal, and remediation, consider your circumstances, as a restoration company must be licensed by the state to take on repairs that go beyond mold growth. Your insurance company, as well as the restoration company you hire to complete the mold damage remediation, work for you and the situation should be treated as such. In order to make sure that you are receiving the services that you pay for, it is necessary to understand the responsibilities of each party, including yourself. The mold remediation process is wrapped up once deodorization is completed.

When working with the company that you’ve chosen for commercial mold damage restoration, it is important to understand how mold in the home is created, how it grows, and how it is prevented to ensure mitigation. Many times, mold in the home is not immediately recognizable. On these occasions, mold in the home can be identified by a smelly odor, signaling that deodorization is necessary. When there is a smelly odor, but the mold in the home is not immediately recognizable, it is possible that there is mold growth behind a wall or another barrier. Mold growth behind a wall can lead to a myriad of problems due to the fact that it may have been left unchecked for a long period of time. When there is mold growth behind a wall, it may be due to a leaking or damaged drain pipe, in which case the barrier may need to be removed. It is important to understand whether your restoration company is equipped and licensed to knock down and repair a wall that hides suspected mold growth when mitigation is a priority.

A smelly odor may be a sign of dry rot, which could lead to structural damage and increased costs, or a completely unlivable environment. Dry rot is a very common occurrence when moisture and mold growth are allowed to go unchecked. This can occur when the black mold isn’t recognized and checked in a timely manner. During the mold removal process, after dry rot is ruled out or treated, the deodorization process will begin. Deodorization should be completed by professionals, as many of the commercial products available may only mask the odor. When deodorization isn’t performed in the proper manner, it can become an ongoing issue.
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Water Cleanup: Time is of the Essence

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Water Cleanup: Time is of the Essence

Flood damage is one of the most common occurrences of unexpected damage to your home or business. The nature of water damage in itself is very unpredictable, striking very often without warning, and leaving an incredible amount of destruction in its wake due to the many ways that standing water can damage a home or business. Water in the home or water in the business may be the result of a supply line break, a pipe break, or even outside occurrences, such as inclement weather or flooding. When there is water in the business or water in the home, there are a few important steps that are necessary to take in order to handle the issues accurately and effectively and to possibly expedite the entire process. The first step to take when facing flood damage due to water in the home or water in a business is to contact your insurance agency in order to hash out the details.

When speaking with your insurance representative, it is important to list the pertinent factors, such as your complete contact information, and the level to which the water damage has affected your home or business.

After contacting your insurance company it is important to get in contact with the proper restoration company to handle the flooded home or business for the mitigation of damages. Many insurance companies will have a list of local restoration companies in your area that will be able to properly accommodate your situation. When choosing a restoration company, it is important to be aware of the job and limitations of that particular restoration company. A restoration company is usually on required to remove the standing water, drying the area after this is complete. If physical repairs outside of water removal are necessary, it may be necessary to contact a separate or alternate restoration company, as a restoration company is usually not required to complete repairs unless otherwise licensed by the state.

For the mitigation of further damage in your business or home, the company that you choose will perform a detailed assessment of the water damage by first locating the source of the problem. A supply line break or a pipe break is usually the source of your flooded home or business when the problem occurs within the home or business. If the source of the flood damage is a supply line break or a pipe break, it is important to understand the duties of the company that you contacted, as they may not be equipped or licensed to handle such repairs. Maximum damage mitigation is only a possibility when the supply line break or pipe break is located and repaired in a timely manner, as costs will only increase as time passes.

The water cleanup and restoration processes begin after the assessment occurs and all potential barriers to the water cleanup process are removed. Flood damage can often lead to a myriad of issues, including electrical issues that can make the flooded home unsafe for those living there, as well as the water cleanup crew. The water cleanup process ends when the drying process begins. Drying is essential to returning the flooded home to its original condition.

Drying not only makes the flooded home livable again, but its importance cannot be understated, as improper drying may lead to toxic mold buildup. When confronted with water in the home or water in the business, implementing a safe and effective restoration plan is essential to get your facility back in running condition, while also helping in the mitigation of future problems and costs. Time is often the most important factor to be aware of, as it affects nearly every area of the restoration process.
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Should You Hire A Professional Fire Restoration Company?

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Should You Hire A Professional Fire Restoration Company?

Are you currently a victim of fire damage and are in need of fire damage restoration?

Experiencing a fire in your home can be a devastating event for a homeowner. Repairing your home is stressful and fire cleanup can be an expensive process if you are not familiar with the proper procedures to perform it correctly.

Fortunately, if you have experienced fire damage, you should be able to find a qualified restoration company that will be able to handle this process for you.

Some commons problems after a home fire include:

Discoloration of home furnishing from soot damage - After a fire in your home, it only takes minutes for plastic materials to turn yellow and hours for home materials such as walls and carpets. Smoke damage can also discolor other areas of your home such as ceilings.

Lingering smoke smells - Unfortunately, to eliminate smoke damage in your home, a special deodorizer is needed to get rid of the odor. A good restoration company will be able to offer services such as upholstery and fabric cleaning.

Broken windows and damaged roofs - If the fire in your home was widespread, unfortunately you will need to board up your home to guarantee safety of your possessions left in the home and

Most companies will perform repairs caused by smoke damage, soot damage, and boarding up broken windows and walls. A proper restoration company should also eliminate smoke smells from your home. If you want a peace of mind after a fire in your home, professional fire damage restoration is really the best way to go.

Fire damage restoration is not only for homeowners. If you have recently experienced commercial fire damage, hiring a restoration company is essential to get your business up and running again. Handling fire cleanup after a fire in your business tends to be a more complicated process and can severely affect your bottom line.

It's recommended to hire professionals avoid problems in the future related to the fire damage. Some common problems after commercial fire damage include:

Boarding up your business - It is essential that you call a fire restoration company immediately after a fire to protect your merchandise after a fire in your business. Fire damage can be expensive to repair and boarding up windows, walls and roofs will be an added security measure until you can get your business running again.

Rusted walls and stained bathrooms - After a fire in your business, soot damage needs to be handled immediately. Ash is acidic and it will rust metals in a few hours. As a business, fire damage restoration should be handled as soon as possible to avoid cosmetic damage to your business.

Smoke smells and offensive odors - Smoke smells in your business can potentially turn off your customers. Soot damage and can leave ash reside throughout the building and create a smokey film. Fortunately, a company performing fire cleanup for commercial fire damage will be able to use special detergents to neutralize smoke damage and eliminate this layer of ash.

Water damage - After a fire in your business, it is very possible that you will experience water damage from broken pipes. Proper fire cleanup should include procedures to eliminate moisture using a dehumidifier and fans. This is necessary to prevent future problems with mold and rust.

After experiencing commercial fire damage, it is important to contact a restoration company to avoid extra costs during the cleanup process. In the end, you will save money as well as gain a peace of mind by hiring a professional company that can be trusted.
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Steps in Professional Mold Remediation

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Steps in Professional Mold Remediation

Mold is a fungus that grows in forms of multi-cellular, and they may live in indoors or outdoors and do well in damp, warm, and humid environments. Although shower stalls and basements are typically moist and dump areas are more prone to the growth of molds,
Mold growth can also take place on Dry Rot(wood decay caused by species of fungi) forming a mildew {whitish coating} since it supports the growth of molds including black mold.
There are several conditions for mold growth they include:
• Available molds spores.
• Available mold food.
• Appropriate temperature.
• Favorable moisture.

Common household molds have a characteristic of which they get identified with “musty” or “earthy” smelly odor. Although most mold colonies appear greenish to black [ typical of mold growing on bathroom floor} in color, the characteristics of mold growth behind walls covering buildings result in pinkish to yellowish staining of the wall covering.
Black mold fungus can spread throughout the property and produce allergens and irritants that have health effects to humans and create irritants effect; they can danger to the health human kind. Deodorization is therefore carried out to neutralize the effects of black mold growth can also, leave an odor in your home primarily a musty, unpleasant, smelly odor throughout your home. Commercial mold damage may lead to the destruction of equipment, lead to food poisoning and increase maintenance costs.

Mold Remediation

Mold remediation is the practices that help to minimize the growth of mold in home or business located in hot, humid climate.

The process includes:

Step 1: Inspection and Mold Damage Assessment.
These include a proper inspection of your property for any visible signs of black molds those from household materials and equipment’s, walls, commercial mold damage, mold growth behind walls and hidden plain view. Make preliminary assessment during mold remediation, and an evaluation of mold remediation. Mold damage assessments should also be done.

Step 2: Mold in Home Containment.
These explain control, mold removal, prevention of cross contamination and spread of mold from contaminated area to areas that are not invaded by the mildew or within less contamination.
Several procedures may be employed that use advanced containment procedures which include deodorization to remove the smelly odor, negative air chambers towards the isolation of the contaminated areas with physical barriers and negative air pressure which prevent the mold spores from distributing during the cleanup process
All home fans, heating, and cooling systems may be turned off to avoid the spread of mold.

Step 3: Getting rid of mold and mold infested materials and equipment.
The mold in homes and commercial mold damage remediation and mitigation process depends on the amount of mold/fungus growth and types of surface or dry rot on which mold appears; it may also include the area in which the mold growth has taken place.
Antifungal and antimicrobial treatment methods are used to eliminate mildew colonies from forming. Removing and disposing of mold infested porous materials like dry rot and carpeting may be necessary to remediate heavy mold growth.

Step 4: Source removal.
The process involves physical mold removal from its sources, either those that have taken place in the walls or the hidden plain view. The mold in home mitigation includes deodorization, cleaning the furniture, decorative items, disposing of dry rot, curtains, and restorable items affected by fungus/ mildew. Mitigating commercial mold damage requires cleaning in areas where machinery is placed. One must be extremely careful when engaging in the process of mold removal and mitigation.
The mitigation process involves generally:
•Getting rid of water-damaged, mold-infested materials so as to prevent cross contamination of the black mold spores.
•Cleaning and disinfection of walls (mold growth behind walls), rugs, and personal home items.
•Removal of drywalls and studs if the mold damage is very extensive.
•Vacuuming with HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filtration by a restoration company.

Step 5: Moisture removal and Air filtration by a restoration company
The process involves using specialized techniques to capture microscopic mold spores and the smelly odor, by use of air scrubbers and restoration company HEPA approved vacuums towards the prevention the spread of these mold spores while the mold removal is in the process.

Step 6: Restoration
It depends on the level of mold damage, mold growth behind walls, drywall, subfloors and other building materials may be removed. It involves minor repair and major repairs.
Restoration company performs other activities which may include replacing drywall, painting and installing new equipment's also the reconstruction of various rooms in a home or business.
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Why Professional Storm Damage Restoration is Imperative

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Why Professional Storm Damage Restoration is Imperative

Flood damage is among the worst type of water damage. Unlike a leak or burst pipe, flood damage is the kind of damage that extends the span of entire homes whereas a leaking pipe or sewer backup is limited to one space or to a few smaller spaces. Flood damage also stands tall where other leaks and water damage tends not to extend upwards of several feet in a home. There is no denying the fact that any type of water damage is devastating to homeowners and business owners alike, but flood damage provides a dangerous and expensive problem.

Water in the Home

Water in the home is dangerous for any homeowner because it causes a myriad of issues. One such issue is the potential for mold to grow and spread rapidly. Mold prefers a moist area with high humidity, and water damage tends to provide just that. Anyone who finds water in the home needs to call for professional restoration and mitigation as quickly as possible. Homeowners know water in the home is dangerous, but they often aren’t aware just how bad the problem can grow when water cleanup and drying aren’t handled immediately and professionally.

Water in the Business

When someone finds water in a business, it means a little more stress than it might at home. Business owners sometimes shut down their business to handle water in the business, and this means a loss of profit, pay, and time to work. When there is water in a business, owners are encouraged to call right away for professional restoration and mitigation. It’s not only the best way to get through the water cleanup and drying process efficiently and quickly, it’s the best way to get business owners back to work as quickly as possible.

The Dangers of Flooding

When it comes to water damage, it’s all bad news. Flood damage, however, provides a bit more bad news. If there is any warning that a flood might occur, business and homeowners might have time to remove their personal belongings from harm’s way. If not, they have even more damage to deal with. Flood damage is dangerous for many reasons, which is why it’s important to call for professional restoration and mitigation prior to entering the building after a flood.

The electricity must be turned off prior to entering. Live wires can cause electrocution. It’s imperative no one assumes a power outage is a sufficient. If power is turned on while someone is standing in flood waters, what could happen is devastating. The other issue that comes along frequently with flood water is the presence of displaced animals. Imagine finding a snake or alligator among the flood waters inside a home near a lake or river. Imagine finding a stingray inside a home near a beach in a low-lying area pushed into the home by the heavy storm surge of a tropical storm or hurricane. Restoration professionals are well-versed when it comes to knowing the dangers and safety factors associated with water cleanup and the drying process, and they can help homeowners and business owners remain safe during cleanup and drying.

Calling professional services to handle the flood or water damage in a home or office is not an option. Forgoing this process means many home or business owners will experience greater damage down the road. A mold infestation could occur. Walls could have more significant damage than originally thought, and it might mean expensive renovations and/or repairs later down the road. It’s not worth ignoring professional help.

The cost to pay for a professional to handle water cleanup and mitigation right away is far less than the cost of waiting too long or attempting a DIY project. It's better to do this right the first time than it is to pay the price later on when damage is far worse from water.
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