Recent Before & After Photos

Soaked Carpet In Commercial Facility

The first picture shows a commercial facility that suffered a water loss that soaked the carpet. There was a lot of water that had flooded the floors and halls.... READ MORE

Commercial Bathroom Damage

Bathroom in Commercial Building DestroyedThe bathroom of this commercial building was destroyed by floodwaters. There was a lot of debris that was brought in th... READ MORE

Flooded Facility Needs Pump

Pump Used to Remove 8 Inches of WaterRemoving the water from this building was going to prove difficult. There was at least 8 inches of water in the halls and o... READ MORE

Commercial Damage from Pipe Break

A pipe Break Caused Damage and MoldWhen the pipe broke in this home the owners where away on vacation. A lot of damage can happen in a home in just a few hours,... READ MORE

What happens when my facility is flooded?

Mitigation is The Key to SuccessAs soon as you know that there is water near facility, have it cleaned up immediately. Call the experts from SERVPRO of Northwes... READ MORE

Commercial Water Cleanup

The damage to the facility you see pictured here was done when a pipe broke and flooded the structure. There was still water standing in the floor with the team... READ MORE

Home Severely Damaged By Fire

A fire that started in the fireplace and spread to the rest of the home did the damage you see pictured here. When the team of SERVPRO of Northwest St... READ MORE

Fire Damaged Trusses

This home had a large fire that damaged most of the interior and burned up into the roof trusses, as you can see from the images. When the team from S... READ MORE

Fire Damage In Bedroom

When a home suffers the kind of damage you see pictured here, one question that is often asked is "Will my home ever stop smelling like smoke?"Other types of fi... READ MORE

Home Damaged By Fire

When your home has fire damage like this one, there several types of damage that can occur. In addition to damage from direct contact with the fire, you can als... READ MORE